OSC kicked off it’s first flying on this warm but windy March day.  It didn’t start off windy but the forecast said we would eventually have too much crosswind once a cold front move through.  After the OSC board met, we moved out to the field and set up operations for takeoffs on 13.  Bob Dyer was the tow pilot, Jaime and I were the instructors, and we had Mike Boska, Perry Mitchel, Tom Winter, Stephen Davis, Anders Backlund, and Mac Mckain present on the field.   Tyler Sandberg was also there visiting and helped with glider retrievals.  Since no one was current, I had to make three pattern tows so I could then give Jaime his safety flight.  There was thermal activity with two of the three pattern tows releasing in a workable thermal.   Jaime accomplished his safety flight then took two additional pattern tows to get current.  Next, Mac and I went up on his safety flight.  There was lift but we had limited time so couldn’t play after he accomplished the maneuvers.  When we landed it was apparent the crosswind was getting to be strong and Jaime confirmed that winds were now 17 G 24 straight across the runway which was out of limits.  So we had to end operations at that point (around 3 pm) and put everything away.   It was a good decision since winds were gusting over 40 after 4 pm.  Unfortunately, three members did not get to fly.  All glider systems were working but the trailer radio was not.  We need to decide if handhelds are enough or should the club buy another radio for the trailer.   The runway still has many holes that need to filled on the sides and on the relief runway, the area of grass South West of the main grass.   It was nice not having trees to clear when coming into land.  The area where the trees were is now a concrete recycling area.  When driving home, there were a line CUs marking the front as it was moving south with bases looking to be quite high.  Soaring season is almost here!

Submitted by Robert Craig