Another great soaring day.  The sounding for today was quite good with thermals indicated to 8000ft.  Winds were strong however out of the northwest with some crosswind.  I missed the ground school and arrived in time to move the gliders out to 31.  Steve Stevens, Jaime Alexander, Tom Schaap, Bob Arant, Pat Greenwood, Paul Jelinek, Mike Boska, and myself got the L-23, L-33, and two Russia’s out of the hangers and ready to fly.   Steve Stevens started off towing and the first tow was Bob Arant with Jaime.  They reported turbulent conditions with strong lift.  Paul Jelinek was next up in the L-33.  Pat Greenwood and a friend went up next in the L-23 followed by Mike Boska in his Russia.  Lift was getting better by now and Mike stayed up for one hour and 25 minutes.  He said the lift was pegging the vario at times.  Paul took over towing duties and I was up next in my Russia and found strong lift also.  In fact, the longer I was up the better the conditions got with thermal climbs topping out at 8000ft and cumulus filling the sky.  While I was up, Jaime took up a gentlemen interested in the club on FAST kit flight, followed my Tom Schaap in the L-23 for the hanger flight.   When I landed at 415, I had been up for one hour and 52 minutes.   The new tow bars that Jay and Jerry built came in handy towing the glider back to the hanger – thanks guys for the hard work getting these going.  I was last to leave the field at 5pm.


Bob Craig