Hi OSCI Members


Ground School wrapped up about 11:30 and most went to the hangars to start preparations for flying.  Steve Davis and I cleverly delayed a bit to clean up the room and eat lunch.  By the time we joined the fray, the Pawnee had completed the pattern flight and everything was nicely set up at the far end for a 13 operation.  We did eight flights.  There were occasionally some sort of lift but not anything to crow about.  All tows were to 3000 AGL with flight durations of :16 to :29.  The L23 did seven flights along with one “Russia”.

1)  Whit/Dan P. did something highly classified concerning CAP qualifications

2) Bob Arant/Whit – training

3) Tom Schaap/Dan P. training

4) Mike Boska – Russia up and down after :26

5) Bob Dinkel/Whit – training

6) Steve Davis/me – frustration removal flight (Steve’s, not mine), successful

7) Jay Buchanan/daughter

8) Bert/Dan P. – Safety Flight

I wanted to get back in the tow plane so was pleased to get the first tow (Dan did the Pawnee Pattern).  I must have needed more practice since I did the first four before getting out to fly with Steve.  Then Bert did a couple followed by Dan doing one.  Whit had to leave.  Bert needed a safety flight with Dan so I got the last tow and could re-familiarize myself with refueling the Pawnee.  I also re-experience the last out syndrome and congratulated myself for getting everything “right” – until later I found the Pawnee cc in my pocket.  I guess I’ll need more practice.  Don’t worry, it was convenient for me to return the cc to the Pawnee on Monday.