Calendar or Events

Completion of Safety Flight – 1 Jun 2014

Glider Rides – Antique Airplane Group – 24 Aug 2014

Club Phone Number

Club Phone   –    630-9640

To update message, push # during the message and enter the security code.  To record a greeting, press 4-3-1-3-*.

Entrance Code – #6693


The club only flew one day in April, unless I am missing a flight sheet.  The longest flight that day was Mac McKain soaring for 45 minutes.  Let’s hope May is kinder to us.

Trailer Update

The wing stands for the Blanik L-13 are finished so we are ready to take the L-13 off its trailer.  From there we have two options.  The preferred option is to keep the trailer at Blair in a separate hanger.  That will cost the club either $100 per month or if we can share the hanger with another glider trailer, the cost drops to $50 per month.  Another option is to store the trailer at a storage lot in Irvington, about 5 miles from the airport, for $55 per month out-door storage.

SSA Membership

Just a reminder that the SSA renewal is included in this month’s statement.

Partner Wanted by Bob Craig

I am looking for a partner in my Russia.  Anyone tired of waiting for the L-23 or Jantar?  You gain a glider you can take cross country and a partner to assist with retrieval.  Let me know if you are interested.