Calendar or Events

Annual Meeting – 19 Dec 2013 (7pm) at La Vista  Community Center (near 72nd and Harrison)

Club Phone Number

Club Phone   –    630-9640

To update message, push # during the message and enter the security code.  To record a greeting, press 4-3-1-3-*.

Entrance Code – #6693


OSC flew 4 days in November.  The longest flight of the month was forty five minutes – Mac McKain in the Jantar.  We gave two introductory rides during the month.

Glider Handbooks

The club is going to be ordering 10 Glider Flight Handbooks for $21 a piece.  The following people have expressed interest in getting one:   Dan Peterson, Patrick Greenwood, Dan Ellerbusch, Zach McNeill, Bert Aagesen, Allen Short, Robert Craig, David Gannon.  If anyone else would like one let me know.  I can order more than 10 if there is enough interest.

Financial Summary

This was a good year for the club financially.  The difference between revenues and expenses is about $5000 (we made more than we spent).  This helped use to catch up the accounts after the large Pawnee annual we had last year.  The engine fund is caught up to where it should be with a balance of $5700.  The check book balance is $4700.  Club members owe about $2000 in back payments.