Hi All of OSCI,


Tuesday’s flying was primarily arranged because of Ken Costello’s email that he would be in town for one day and asking if we could do his Flight Review.  I’m glad we could!

Ken handed me his Safety quiz and we were good to go.  Again we set up for 13 takeoffs with 31 landings a possibility.  All flights were in the L23

1)  Ken and Dan P. took a 3000agl tow for the high work, returning on 31 with a nice accuracy stop.

2)  Ken and Dan went again but not so high as the rope mysteriously disconnected shortly after departure.

3)  Ken and Dan finished the required three flights with a pattern tow.

4)  Jerome and I did a dual training flight with a 3000 agl tow.  Jerome accomplished another “first” today by driving solo.

Whitt did the towing to this point.  Thanks Whitt!

5)  Jerome and I did a pattern tow and yes a landing.  Jerome promises me the Safety Quiz next time and I may consider updating his sole endorsement, but no pressure of course.

Dan P showed his versatility by towing this flight.

6) Dan flew just because he could.  Jerry had been helping all day and filled the empty seat.

7) Bob D. also had been helping all day and took the hangar flight with Jerome filling the passenger seat.  As Bert advocates, “Avoid empty seats when possible”

Ken couldn’t stand not flying the Pawnee so towed the last two, and had to learn how to use the newer gas pump.


We were done and all put away by 2:30.  The early bird got the worm.