Hi All:

It was a warm weekday for flying – it got up to 90 degrees. There were a lot of sunburned faces; more sun-screen needs to be applied on a day like today. We started flights at approximately 10:00AM, and until the cumulus clouds started forming at around 3:00PM, there wasn’t much lift in the area. Once the cumulus clouds started forming and passing overhead, things got fun in a hurry. We probably could’ve flown past 5:30PM. It turned out to be a fun afternoon to soar.

First up today was Ryan K. for two FAST Kit flights with Steve. Ryan then joined our Club as a Student Member – welcome Ryan! Next up was Will M. flying with Steve. Jim D. did three pattern flights today, but he and his son hung around all day to help with flight ops – much appreciated on a hot day! Next, Joe C. flew a couple of flights with Steve. Lexy H. flew three flights today and Bob D. gave two rides to two of his friends. Steve took up Jim D’s son for a pattern flight. Bob D. flew the 2-22 for a nice 51 minutes. We launched Jeff twice in his 1-26, once at about 2:15PM when he found no lift, and then a second time at about 3:15PM when he found amazing lift and reached 7,600′ MSL. I flew the hangar flight and could’ve stayed up a lot longer, but it was time to go home so I landed. It was a great day with good lift. Frank did the towing today.

Thanks all.