Hi, everyone:
Wow, what a day!  We completed 15 flights on a day with amazing lift!  The longest flight of the day was Jay B. (pictured in his Russia), for 5 hours and 17 minutes, earning a Silver Badge!  Congratulations Jay!
We launched Jay first, who went to Fremont and back three times during his 5+ hour flight.  Bob D. was the second flight, in the L-23 with Steve R. along, to begin work on his bi-annual flight (BFR) review.  Next, we launched Jim C. in the L-33 for a solo flight.  Bob D. went up again with Steve for two more flights, one of which was a simulated rope break, and which completed his BFR requirements.  Steve took up a paid ride, and Jim flew a second flight in the L-33.  We launched Bob D. in his Russia for a solo flight, and then Bob C. took up Jeff’s 1-26 for almost 3 hours.  Bob reported that he climbed to 9,300′, but stayed within ten miles of BTA, as this was only the second time he’s flown Jeff’s 1-26.  Bud S. and Steve were launched, and spent some time thermal dancing in the L-23.  Bob A. took the L-33 up for well over an hour, and Bob D. took his Russia up again.  Jim did a simulated rope break with Steve in the L-23, and also completed the requirements for his BFR.  The hangar flight was Bud and Steve in the L-23, who did a simulated rope break (that may indicate that Bud is very, very close to soloing).  Frank M. did all the towing.  It was a day of booming lift, and multiple multi-hour flights!
Thanks all, for another safe day of soaring!