Hi, All:
A pretty busy day for Thursday flight operations!  First up was Lexy H., and then a friend of Lexy’s took a ride.  Steve R. took up a friend of his, who may be interested in joining the Club.  We launched Jim C. in the L-33, and then Bob C. in his Russia.  Jim took a second flight in the L-33, and then Bud S. flew two flights with Steve.  Finally, Steve took up another friend of his for two flights.  In the end, there were ten flights.  Frank handled all the towing.
The new 12 foot square canopy arrived, replacing the smaller canopy that was damaged by a sudden strong gust of wind.  It’s a very nice canopy, and more chairs fit beneath the shade it provides.  A thank you goes out to Steve for ordering it!
Thanks everyone for another safe day of flying.
Tom S.