Hi, All:
What a beautiful day to be out flying!  Low humidity, light winds, and the high temperature was 78 degrees.  It was a Top Ten day, and it’s JULY.  Crazy weather.  We flew a total of twelve fights today.  Jim D. was up early for the first of six flights.  Bob A. was up after Jim, and he found some lift.  We launched Jeff F. for a flight in his glider; he was up for 50 minutes.  Dave L. took the L-23 up and found some lift.  Then Bud S. took the L-23 up and found a couple of good thermals.  Jeff launched in his glider for a second flight, which was the longest flight of the day at an hour and eight minutes.  I flew the hangar flight and found good lift, topping out at around 5,700′.  We could have kept flying, but it was getting on towards dinner time.  While the thermals weren’t good enough to allow going too far from the airport, they were good enough to allow almost everyone flights that lasted longer than 30 minutes.  Frank did the towing today.
A marvelous day for July soaring!