Hi All,
We have one more Private Pilot (Glider) and one Commercial Pilot (Glider) pilot added to our club.  Congratulations to John H (Private Pilot) and Liam G (Commercial Pilot).  It took all day and into the evening to get it done because of the afternoon winds.  We actually had to put the glider and tow plane back in the hangar.  The wind finally slowed down and we were able to get started again at about 6:15.

Liam G – Passed his Practical Exam

John H – Passed his Practical Exam

It was a busy weekend but congratulations to Warren P, Jeff F, Bob A, and John H who passed their Private Pilot – Glider, and Liam G who passed his Commercial Pilot – Glider.
A big thank you to Steve Rasmussen for his hard work and extra time he gave beyond the actual flight instruction.  Also, a thank you to the ground crew and Bob D for towing this weekend.  And a big thank you to DPE Tony C for flying up from Wichita, Kansas to the Practical Exams.
Back to normal operations next weekend!