Hi All,

Today we flew twenty-two sorties, with two gliders up together a number of times. Ryan K. went up first with Steve R. along, and then Ryan flew a solo flight. Then Steve and Liam S. went up in the 2-22 and we launched Dave L. in the L-23. Liam S. was launched on a solo flight in the 2-22, while Steve took Graydon C. up for two flights, followed by two flights with Will M. Bill S. took Ray for a flight in the 2-22, and then Steve took Beth C. up for a flight lesson in the L23. Liam did a couple more solo flights in the 2-22 while Bob A. took the L23 up for a solo flight. Ryan’s mother came out to watch him fly solo a couple more flights, and then Steve gave her a ride that she really enjoyed. They saw a rainbow over downtown Omaha during their flight. Bill took Ray up again in the 2-22, and I did a flight in the L23. Bill did the last 2-22 flight with Anon, and we called it a day. While the weather was a little unsettled, and it sprinkled on us a few times, the day ended with a beautiful sunset.

End of the 2023 Soaring Season

It looks like this will be the last flight day for the 2023 soaring season. For the season, we flew on 41 days and flew 626 total sorties, which is a club record. We just flew three days in a row, and we aren’t planning to fly tomorrow or Tuesday. Starting Tuesday afternoon and over the next week or so, colder and wetter weather is forecast; we wouldn’t be flying, anyway. If all goes as planned, the Pawnee will be flown in early November to a shop in Loup City, where it will be for the next few months. There are two AD’s to be addressed, plus new control cables and hardware will be installed, and the fabric will be replaced and painted from the behind the cockpit to the rear of the aircraft.

It’s been another successful and safe soaring season. There’s been some chatter about holding Ground School this winter. For those members who plan to work towards their Private Pilot’s Certificate (Glider), this is very beneficial. If Ground School is scheduled, please plan on attending. You’ll learn a lot!

Thanks everyone for a great soaring season! See you next year.

Tom S.

Fall L-23 Flight