Soaring Report – Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hi, all:

A pretty windy day, and hot for October 1st, but there was good lift to at least 6,000′. Today’s first flight was Steve R. taking Teodoro G. for a flight lesson. The next two flight lessons were Ryan K. and then Will M. Steve then flew a paid ride for an 80+ year old who had a large group of family members watching. Bill S. pulled out the 2-22 (Yellow Bird) for three flights. Bud s. launched in the L-23 between the 2-22 flights. Matt R. did a nice flight with Denise followed by Steve giving a ride for a friend of Teodoro’s. Matt did a solo pattern flight, and then I did a quick flight. Matt closed the day with two more pattern tows.

Frank did the towing today.


Tom S.