Hi All

We had 9 flights today, fortunately the wind stayed down the runway plus or minus 10 degrees. Bob Dyer had a BOOOOMer flight of 1:22 and 9,500 MSL, we thought we might have to request a wave window! Congrats Bob!

Other flights 15 to 27 minutes (Jaime with a new student), could have stayed up longer. The great thermals were a small window of time.  

 Bob D. took his grand daughter on her first ride, big smiles. Andrew Had a dual with Jaime then took his daughter for her second ride, big smiles.  Paul had the L33 up for 20 min, about a half hour too soon. Jaime had Larry for a lesson, a ride from his church and a new FAST Kit student, (a weather man at the base who is looking forward to getting started gliding). I did the hangar flight. Whit did 3 tows, Paul 5 and Bob D. one tow.