We had another busy day with 12 flights. First up was Jimmy with Steve followed by Bob A. in the L-33 for the first time, nice flight Bob! Then Jimmy again with Steve. Then Kent went up with Dan for his first FAST flight. Steve then took up a friend Daniel, who works at TRACON and is usually clearing the airspace for us to 6,500 feet on the weekends. He really enjoyed it! Up next was Tim from Norflok for his first FAST flight with Steve. Tim did some Cessna flying many years ago. Dave L. took a solo flight, and Jay took his Russia up for some fun. Jeff F. did a flight with Steve and Kent did FAST #2 with Steve. Tim then did his FAST #2 with Steve and Jeff did a pattern tow with Steve. Steve and Tim got to over 6,000 on their last flight. Frank did all the towing.