Another busy day with 9 flights.  First up was Jeff Friend with Whit followed by Whit taking up Chad for an intro ride, Chad recently got his ASEL private down in Fairbury.  Steve R. took a friend of his up followed by Whit giving Travis his second FAST flight. We launched Jay in his Russia before Whit got back and he took up Donna for a lesson. Nice to see you were able to come out today Donna.  Paul then took a solo in the L33.  Whit then took Jeff F. up again for another lesson.  I took the hangar flight. Flights were 20 to 29 minutes, hard to find a full circle of lift.  Jeff Counter and Andy stopped by for a while. At least Jeff was able to get back up in the air with Andy after Jeff broke his shoulder ball back in nearly June. Frank did 8 and Paul 1 tow.