Hi All,
We have 3 new Private Pilot’s (Glider) as of today.  Congratulations to Warren P, who was up first, Jeff F, and Bob A.  It was a gorgeous day, except for the winds.  Jeff flew during the windiest part of the day.  It was so windy during his three-flight exam that his ‘rope break’ took place at approximately 3′ off the ground; it was too windy to attempt a normal rope break at 230′.  For the day, we flew a total of seventeen flights.  Nine were warm-up/practice flights for the flight exams.  The rest were the exam flights.  The last flight landed at 6:45, so it turned out to be a long day.  Two more Practical Exams tomorrow – good luck, John and Liam!  Bob D did the towing today.

Three New Licensed Glider Pilots

Thanks all.