Hi, All,
Another very active day today, with twenty-five flights, and what a nice day it was!  We started with ten CAP Cadet orientation flights, with Dan and Whit instructing.  While the CAP flights were ongoing, FAA Certified Ground Instructor Dave L. and Jeff F. were meeting to help Jeff prepare for the FAA written exam, for his Private Pilot’s Certificate.  The Club started Member flights with Lexy H. for a couple of quick pattern tows with Steve R.  Then, Jim C. and Steve were up for a flight, followed by Bob A. for a solo flight in the L-23 (too windy for the L-33).  We launched Jeff F. in his 1-26B, and then Nic M. did three flights with Steve, while Jeff snuck in another flight between them.  Hamid got two flights with Steve, and then Rich M. flew with Steve.  We launched Jeff a third time, and then he put his ship away for the day.  Dave L. flew a solo in the L-23, and I did a solo in the L-23 for the hangar flight.  No jackets were needed in the afternoon, which was nice for November.  Frank did the towing.
Thanks all.