Hi, All:
Saturday turned out to be a mostly sunny day with very light winds.  We successfully completed eight flights.  First up was Bob C. who flew a solo flight in the L-23, to refamiliarize himself with that glider.  Bob followed that up with two flights with student pilot John H.  We launched Jay in his Russia glider, and then Bob took Kubra H. for her lesson.  After the Pawnee returned from that tow, Jeff was towed aloft in his 1-26.  Jay stayed aloft for an hour, chasing lift that was found under the passing clouds.  Jay said he was able to climb without thermalling, simply by flying from one shadow to another.  Jeff found some lift under the clouds, but lost more altitude flying between the cloud shadows than he gained while he was in the shadows; Jeff landed after twenty minutes.  Bob and John flew two pattern tows to end the day.  Frank M. did the towing for us.
Thanks all.