Hi, all:
Today was the last full day of winter, and what was a beautiful day it was!  We flew eighteen flights today – that’s pretty good for flying in Nebraska in the winter!  Plus, there was strong lift today, too.
The flying started with Jim C. and Bob C. flying their Safety flights.  Next, Paul J. flew his Safety flight with Steve R.  Steve instructed eight flights today; he flew with Lexy H., Bob A., and Jeff F.  Lexy is working towards her first solo, and Bob A. and Jeff are working towards their Check Rides in May.  Jim flew with new member Rick B. to complete Rick’s second FAST Kit flight, and then Jim flew with Jay B while Jay completed his Safety flight.  Paul took the L-33 up twice, once for 30 minutes, and then for an hour.  Paul could have stayed aloft the rest of the afternoon, but landed to allow Jim to take a flight in the L-33.  Meanwhile, Dan P. flew his Safety flight with Steve, and Bob C. took his Russia glider up for more than two hours.  It was outstanding for the last day of winter!  Frank did all the towing.
Thanks all, for another safe day of soaring!