Hi All,
Wow, we had a really busy day!  The day started with 10 CAP flights.  These were followed by seventeen club flights.  We didn’t finish flying until almost 6:30PM.  Steve R. and John H. started the Club flights with 3 flights.  Then Steve and Bob C. each flew a flight with Hamid G., who drove up from Kansas City.  Warren P. and Jaime A. went up next, followed by Steve and Will M.  We managed to launch Jeff twice in his glider 1-26.  Lexi H. went up twice with Steve, and then Vere M. and Liam G. (twice) went up with Bob C.  Bud S. and Steve finished the day with 3 pattern tows.  Bob D. and Frank M. did the towing today.  Dan P. and Steve flew the CAP kids.
Thanks everyone!