Hi All,

Too bad we didn’t have yesterday’s weather today.  A little windy but not too chilly.  Runway 13 ops from the north end today.

The HyVee chicken, fruit and salad, along with the deserts from many of the members was great.

After lunch I did the first flight.

Those who could not make it missed a nice tribute to Mike Boska, thank you Jim for the warm words, I am sure Marge appreciated your kind words.

Then Whit towed the L23 low over the edge of the bean field on the West side while Jim flying in the front seat, slid the glider over a little to the left and Bob Dyer dropped some of Mike’s ashes that were perfectly dispersed by the wind and Mike “glided down for one more final landing” on both the short and long runway…perfect!

Larry did a flight with Jaime then Jaime took Dee up followed by the hanger flight with Larry and Jaime again. Whit, Paul and Bob did the towing.

Thanks to all and a special thanks to Jim Clark for putting this all together with a nice big canopy, tables, chairs Hyvee catering and coordinating with Marge Boska. It all went smooth. Thanks, Jim!

Have a nice Sunday folks.