Hi All,

A total of 9 flights today. No thermals but light winds and a not too hot day, a catch 22, more heat, probably some thermals. First up was Pat with Jaime for a spot landing, they made 19 minutes. Pat then took a solo. Don Meyer was up next in the L33, up for 26 minutes but he went to 5300. He flew over from Des Moines in a Citabria, so he figured why not another 1000 foot tow. Jamie then took up Larry’s daughter, Kayla for an 18 minute ride. A little nervous at first, but a smile on landing and she would go up again. Larry then went up with Jamie followed by my solo flight with Paul up in the L33 in between. Dave got a lesson and Bob A. had the hangar flight and longest at 22 minutes. Steve Stevens did 7 tows and Paul the last two. Enjoy the eclipse!