Hi All,

Nice afternoon to be out flying. Not the best soaring, but Jaime and Matt were up 30 minutes, 3 of the the 6 flights were in the mid 20’s. Dave and Jaime were up first then Jaime took Terence’s son, John Mark who is in the Air Force Academy and has 14 flights, up for 25 minutes.Then Jaime and Matt. I did a solo to give Jaime a break. Jaime in the back seat again for a lesson for Jacob. Last up was new member, Steve Rasmussen . Steve just got his private add on back in Tennessee if I remember correctly and has just joined OSC, welcome Steve. All 6 flights were towed by Steve Stevens. Jeff Counter stopped by with his daughter and also joined today. Jeff flies for Frontier and got his glider commercial up in the Sioux City area, Welcome Jeff. Larry and Patty stopped by to say hi and help put stuff away too.

Great day, thanks all.