Hi All,

We had 7 flights today. It wasn’t too bad out with the 10 mph plus wind. Michelle was first up with Bob C. Next Paul took up Bob A’s grand daughter, Reagan for a 20 min flight followed by Larry and Bob for a lesson. Paul again with Bob’s other grand daughter, Eden for the longest flight of 24 minutes. I did the shortest at 15 min. Next was Bob and Andy Kelly who bought a ride and will probably be back in 3 weeks for a Fast Kit. Andy had about 10 hrs in a 172 last year and sees he can have more fun for less money in a glider. Larry took a second lesson for the day with Bob as the hanger flight. Steve did 4 tows and Paul did three. The glider got a much needed bath in the end, probably added 1 L/D to performance! Thanks all.

Tom Schaap