Hi All,

We had a great soaring day today.  A total of 12 flights. I was up first for 40 min. then Dan launched in the L33, up for 2:31 and completed his Bronze badge, congrats Dan! Don Meyer was up after me, Bob C. waas up almost 2 hours, went to Fremont down to Wahoo and home, 8,000 feet high, great flight.  Jaime gave a ride, then a lesson to our newest member, Madison. She has her glider private from New York and has not flown for a year. Welcome Madison! Bob Dyer took his Russia up for 2:38, the longest flight today. Bob A. took up the L23 for a half hour, Jaime had Larry and David up for lessons while Jim C. took up the L33 a half hour. Jay had the last flight of today in his Russia for :38 min.  A great day for thermals.  Steve towed 8, Dan towed 4.