Hi All,

We had 11 flights today. It ended up a pretty nice day with lift to be found. First up was Whit with Jake for his second FAST flight. Then Larry and Jaime followed by Steve S. taking a friend, Dave Koukol, up for a ride. Dave is a current power pilot and he discovered the fun of soaring. Dave bought a FAST kit and also signed up as a new member. Welcome Dave!  Jake Kettelhut also signed up as a member today. Welcome Jake!

Steve R. wanted some back seat time with Bob C. bumming in the front seat.  Whit then took Dave up for his first FAST flight followed by Paul in the L33.  Larry took a second flight with Jaime and Bob C. then launched in his Russia.  Stoner took his wife up for a flight, and she liked it!  Next was Whit with Jake.  I took the hangar flight. Longest flight — over a hour and a half — was Bob in his Russia to Ft. Calhoon and back, then catching a thermal 2,500 feet above me. Paul had second best time at 51 minutes. Most were 20 – 30 minutes. Steve S., Whit and Paul all did the towing.