Warren P. on final in the L-23.

Hello, all,
We started flying today with eight CAP Cadet Orientation flights.  The flights went very well, and the Cadets appeared to have a great experience.  We followed the CAP flights with club operations, where we flew another eight flights, but with twelve landings.  How is this possible?  Jeff F. added his spoilers too early while he was landing and in ground effect, so he bounced three times before closing the spoilers and landing properly.  Jeff says he will not let this happen again – once is enough – or, three times is enough!  (LOL)  The flights were Lexy H, who flew two lessons with Steve R., John H., who flew once with Steve, and once solo, and Warren P. who flew two solo flights.  I’m not sure how to accurately count Jeff’s flights.  Technically, he only flew twice, so that’s what I’ll report.  Bob D. and Frank M. did the towing.  Also, thanks to Whit B. and Steve for handling the CAP flights.
Tom S.