Well, it was a beautiful day, with light cross winds.  We did 8 flights today.

Bob Arant was up first with Dan P.- all signed off for another 30 days.  Next Bob D. did a pattern and a 3,000 flight.  Then Pat G. and Jaime did a simulated rope break, then Pat did a 3,000 flight, second longest flight (23 Min). Donna and Jaime went up next for 25 min. Steve was next then I did the hangar flight after a rope snap the instant we started. It broke right at the end of the tape. The tape which was kind of fraying (loose but well taped up further) this kind of hid the knot.  Yes it was the dreaded knot, very hard to see it.  Well that is the time to have a rope break if its going to happen!  We changed ropes and off I went.  Steve, Dan and Bob did the towing.

Great day of flying!

Thanks to all,