I got to the field about 9:00 and built a shelf on the west side of the Pawnee hanger to get the small stuff off the floor. More room to walk around the Pawnee. Then went out and mowed a separation line between the two runways and put a good amount of chalk down for the 13 touchdown point and mowed a few strips to the North of the line to make it more visible. Very visible now from the air till the last few yards to touchdown. People started  to show up about 12:30 and we moved equipment to the North end. Jay B. pulled his Russia up so we had two birds ready to go. Don Meyer launched in the L-23 and stayed up for 43 minutes. Good job Don. Lift was there. Jay went up in the Russia and I took a visitor up in the L-23 after Don returned. Jay launched again in the Russia for a 40 minute flight. Bob Dyer took up his sons girlfriend but was a short flight as it was not too agreeable for her. Really bumpy down low. Pat Greenwood showed up and launched in the L-23 for a 25 minute flight.  Ken Costello also showed up and I took him for a safety flight and his flight review. We were able to get to around 5.5 to 6K most of the afternoon. Wrapped up and gone by 4:45. Good day. Thanks to Steve S. and Bob D. for towing. Plan is to fly Sat. but I am unable. Later.