Turned out to be a great day for gliding, not much soaring though even though it looked like the lift might develop, but then a high cirrus layer moved in and killed it and it also looked like we had a temperature inversion. Had 7 folks show up and first on the agenda was the assembly of the L-33 Solo. Jim, Paul and Pat got it assembled an down to the North end of glider grass. Had 9 total flights with Whit towing 4, Paul towing 4 and Bob Dyer on one.

Bob made the first flight in the L-23 with a guest that had a ride as a Christmas present. Paul launched in the newly assembled L-33 followed by Whit who took Bob’s sister up in the L-23 after much coaxing by all. I think she enjoyed it. Dan Peterson showed up and launched in the L-33 for a 25 minute ride. Pat G. took the L-23 up next followed by Tom S. who went up with Whit for a recurrent flight. Dan then went aloft in the L-33 for its hanger flight and Bob D. took up a paying customer, Warren Wilke, for an intro ride. Hanger flight for the L-23 was made by Tom S. and all equipment back in the hangers by 4:30. Longest flight was Paul in the L-33 for 30 minutes.

Plan is to try and fly this Sat. weather permitting as usual.