A check of the thermal index indicated negative values up to 6500 ft.  With no significant wind forecast, there was potential for lift even though it is November.  When I arrived, the L-23 and the Pawnee were positioned for a 31 takeoff.  Whit Bonifant, Dan Peterson, Jaime Alexander, Paul Jelinek, Anders Backlund, and Tom Schaap were there.  Bob Arant and Pat Greenwood arrived later.  The first three flights were Anders Backlund working on his Biannual Flight Review with Jaime.  All seemed to go well.   While they were up, we got the L-33 and Russia out since CU were forming to the south and west.  Pat Greenwood was next up in the L-23 and soared for a 28 minutes before giving up the glider to Bob Arant.  Paul launched in the L-33 next and soared for 42 minutes before giving the glider over to Dan Peterson.  I launched in the Russia.  Bob Arant soared for 43 minutes before giving up the glider to Tom Schaap.  Dan landed after a 19 minute flight – the lift was weaking.  Tom landed after a 20 minute flight.  I landed next after soaring for one hour and 43 minutes and reaching 6300 ft.  Bob Arant took the L-23 one more time for 18 minutes and the hanger flight.   I was the last to leave the airport at 340 pm – Great Day!


Some other good news – the airport finally fixed the toilet.  I won’t feel like you are taking your life in your hands using it.

Bob Craig