The soundings were promising and a beautiful day developed. Folks showed up at noon and some skipped out of work to take advantage of a day squeezed in between many rainy days. Jamie launched with Steve Davis for a training flight using runway 31. Winds were rather light and across the runway so we landed 13. Saved a lot of equipment movement. Jay B. then launched in the Russia and recorded the longest of the day with 1 hour 15 minutes . Jamie then took up a guest from his church that was a friend of Donna Neff, had a nice :28 minute flight and she enjoyed it thoroughly. Jamie then went up with Donna for a training flight for 36 minutes. Pat greenwood went solo in the L-23 to sharpen his skills in preparation for the practical Private flight test. He is close. Jay B. wanted one last chance for a triangle try but the tow plane would not cooperate. The starter gear would not engage the engine and it appears that a shear pin broke. I went down to SkyWerks and checked to see if Trey had time to work on it. He came up and hand propped it so I could taxi it to his hanger. He thinks he can have it fixed by the weekend assuming a pin is available locally. He will call me tomorrow. Needless to say this was a disappointment as we had to terminate activities with 2 people not getting to fly on such a beautiful day. Plan is to try and fly on Sat. after the ground school. I did all the towing until the tow plane broke. It was not fueled as another A/C was at the pump and Trey wanted to get it into the hanger.