Another warm fall day at the airport and we even had lift.  At the field were Bob Dyer, Tom Schaap, Jay Buchanan, Mike Boska, Paul Jelinek and his wife, Donna Neff, Jaime Alexander, and myself.  I took the first tow for a solo flight in the L-23.  Bob Dyer was next up with a friend in the L-23.  Tom Schaap was next up in L-23.  So far there had been little to no lift but that changed.  Jay Buchanan launched next in a Russia and found some lift and was able to stretch the flight to 34 minutes.   Mac Mckain was next up in the L-23 and also found some lift for a 35 minute flight.  Mike Boska launched next in a Russia and soared for 54 minutes.  I followed Mike up in a Russia and found lift up to 4300 ft, soared with Mike for a while and also stayed up for 54 minutes.  Jaime and Donna launched in the L-23 flew for 26 minutes.  Paul Jelinek was the hanger flight in the L-33 and soared for 27 minutes.


A great late fall day at the club.


Bob Craig