I worked half day and didn’t make it to the airport to until 1 pm.  The Blanik and Jerry Adam’s Russia were already out and being prepped for flight.  The winds were light out the north so takeoffs were on 31 and landings were on 13.  The first flight of the day was Pat Greenwood in the L-23.  There were cumulus clouds at 4300 ft  and the thermal index was good up to this level.   Whitt Bonifant did all the towing.   I was next up in the L-23 and made three pattern tows to get current.   I was next up with Mac Mckain for a safety flight.   Jerry Adams was next up in his Russia followed Mike Boska in his Russia.  Lift had been spotty but was getting better as the high temperature was approached.  Mike was up for 43 minutes.  Next up was Tom Schaap in the L-23.  He was able to find lift and soared for 55 minutes earning a B badge.   I was last up in my Russia.  Lift seemed to get better as the flight went on with strong thermals topping out at 4500 ft.  I was up for one hour and 15 minutes and got to watch a Bald Eagle out climb me in a thermal.  Nice start to the season.

Bob Craig