I arrived at the field just before noon to find Steve Davis and Whitt Bonifant also there.  We were joined by Jerry Adams, Don Meyer, and Frank Mitchell.   We got the L-23 and Pawnee out and moved to the NW end of the runway (SE winds).  The first flight was me giving Whitt a safety flight which featured a planned wave off at 3300 ft. He didn’t catch the signal right away (we should do more of them so pilots recognize the signal).  Next Whitt gave me my safety flight.  There was some weak lift allowing some minor climbs.  Next I took Don Meyer up for the first fast kit flight.    Dan had some prior glider instruction flights and did well flying.  He also would be interested in towing.  Stephen Davis and I went up on an instructional flight.   After that, Whitt took two pattern tows to get current.  By the way, his is full member again.    Bob Arant had arrived so he and I went up next.  Bob was able to soar a little as well.   Bob Dyer had also made it out so he took a pattern tow to get current.  Lee Bates brought out a young boy who really wanted a ride (I didn’t find out the relation), so Whitt took him up on an intro flight.  Pat Greenwood also arrived so he and I went up on an instructional flight which turned out to be the hanger flight.

So all went well and we were out of there by 430pm.  Thanks to Jerry Adams for assisting and Frank Mitchell for towing.

Bob Craig