After the ground school class ended, the following club members moved the gliders and towplane out to glider grass 13:  Tom Schaaf, Jaime Alexander, Mike Boska, Paul Jelinek, Bob Arant, and myself.  We also had a pilot from England who wanted to try aerotow for the first time.  Winds were out of the southeast and gusty but down the runway.  A high deck of clouds hovered over the area and limited surface heating.


Tom Schaaf and Jaime were first up in the L-23.  I went up with our British pilot next.  He found that aerotow was a lot more difficult then winch tow.  There was a few hints of lift but nothing workable.  Mike launched next in his Russia.  We had two commercial rides from a company called RushCube come out and they were next up.  I took up one of them and Paul took the other.  Bob Arant was the hanger flight.  Jaime and Paul shared towing duties.


We will have another RushCube ride next Saturday (29 May.  There will be a form on the clip board that they need to sign after their flight so the club can be reimbursed for the ride.


Bob Craig