The soaring forecast for today was better than Dr. Jacks page had been forecasting for a while.  The sounding this morning was also good with lift indicated up to 6000ft with a high temperature of 58.  The high temperature got to 59 and lift was good to 5500ft.  Whitt Bonifant, Jerry Adams, Tom Schaap, Bob Arant, and myself moved the gliders out.  Tom Schaap was first up towed by Whitt.  I was up next in the Russia.   Lift was up to 600 ft per minute in the best thermals topping out at 5500ft.  While I was up Bob Arant was up next in the L-23.  He soared for one hour and 5 minutes earning this B Badge.  Jerry Adams was next up in his Russia and soared for 45 minutes.   After Bob landed, Tom Schaap took the L-23 up for the last flight of the day.  I was the last one down after a two hour and 3 minute flight.  Thanks to Whitt for towing.   We all had a good time.