Another nice day at the airport with 2 Russia’s and the L-23 taking to the air.  Whit, Paul, and Jaime did the towing with Whit, Jaime, and Daryl splitting the instructor duties.


Don Meyer was first up with Jaime on a safety flight followed by Jerry Adams with Jaime for his safety flight.  Anders launched next in his Russia.  Mac McKain then went up with Daryl on his safety flight followed by Bob Dinkle with Whit.  Jerry launched next in his Russia.  Bob Arant was next up with Daryl and then Mike Boska launched in his Russia.  By this time, there was some lift topping out around 4500ft.   Pat Greenwood was next up in the L-23 solo and he found some lift.  Paul Jelinek went up with Whit for his safety flight.  Anders launched again in his Russia and was up for 47 minutes, the longest flight of the day.  Don Meyer took the last two flights in the L-23 to solo.


Myself and Jay Buchanan didn’t fly but worked on our Russia in preparation for its annual.  We also moved the L-33 trailer out of hanger 29 and placed it in hanger 40, thanks Daryl.  So hanger 29 is now empty for Bert Aagesen if he should need it for some reason J


Bob Craig