Day turned out very nice with temps in the 70’s but some crosswinds from the West. We decided that the quartering tail winds were ok for a 31 launch and a 13 return. Seemed to work good all day. Had a record 11 folks show up with most doing some flying. Bob Dyer started it off with a ride for a friend and had the longest flight of the day for 26 minutes. Pat G. followed in the L-23 and Mike B. in the Russia. Paul J. launched in the L-23 for a 22 minute flight followed by Jay B. in the Russia. Dan P and Steve S. went up for some fun flying doing a few wing overs and steep turns. Tom S. then took the L-23 up followed by Anders B. with Whit for the hanger flight. Dan P. towed the first 4 with Whit and Bob D. 2 each. Was a fun day and may be our last for a while. We’ll see.