What a flying day even though there was no lift. Many accomplishments with a total of 17 flights for the day. Whit started off with a solo flight in the L-23 to check on the use of an aiming point. Looked like it was going to work. Dan then took up Ross and Gus Bowman who were walk-ins for intro rides. In between those two Jim Clark launched in Oscar 1. Dan then took up a CAP cadet in Oscar 2 who had a ride with us in the past. Jim C. took Oscar 1 up once more and Whit followed with two training flights, one with a simulated rope break at 200’ with James Slabaugh, a jet pilot from Midwest aviation, who flew with us last week. Jamie then took up Jerry Grove who had a certificate for a 5000’ tow and Mike launched in his Russia next. Jamie then took up Larry Morgan who purchased a FAAST kit and completed his first ride. Paul launched in Oscar 1 and Whit took James up for a last flight prior to solo. James then towed to 2000’ solo and got it back on the ground successfully. Nothing to this glider flying. Congrats James! Pat took a turn in Oscar 2 followed by Bob A. on a recurrency flight with Jamie. Hanger flight was Tom S. on Oscar 2 to wrap up the day. Steve, Dan and Paul did all the towing. Thanks to all for a great day of flying. We need more days like that.