Turned out to be a beautiful fall day with some great lift in a few spots and sometimes hard to find. Overall a great day with 10 flights including 4 intro rides. Got the day going with the first launch at 12:10 local with Bob A. in the L-23 solo. Whit then gave a CAP cadet an intro ride followed by Dan P. launching in the L-33 for a 2 hour attempt. Lift was spotty and he fell short. Clouds began to overbuild a bit and it looked like lift was going to be better in later afternoon. Jamie took a walk-in intro ride with a gift certificate for a 30 minute flight. This lady was extremely happy with the flight. Mike B. launched in his Russia for the longest flight of the day(1.4 hrs). Paul J. tried the L-33 next for a 35 minute flight followed by Jamie with the next paying intro ride. Dan then took up the next paying intro ride, both getting about 25 minute flights. One saying that was the best thing he ever did. Apparently he has never jumped out of a perfectly good airplane! Pat G. took the L-23 up from the back seat with Paul in the front as ballast for a half hour flight and Tom finished the day with the hanger flight. Whit, Dan, Paul and Jamie all shared the towing duties. All equipment working fine as well as all the hanger doors. Good day!