Hi All of OSCI,

It was a light jacket pleasant day with a SE wind. We set up for 13 and got the first flight off a 12:49.
All flights were in the L23 except for Mike in his Russia.
1) Pat G. / Daryl :25 dual
2) Jerome :14 solo
3) Donna / me :23 dual
4) Mike – Russia 1+54, obviously the longest for the day
5) Daryl / Passenger Dave :22 Dave flew up from Florida this week with Daryl in Daryl’s super cub.
6) Sally / me :31, we found lift for a couple good climbs coming down to be polite
7) Tom Osterlund / Daryl, :20 dual, Tom O is a new member who’s “handle” is Tommy Tow (towing service). He owns a C-150 and wants to try gliders.
8) Carl / solo flight for landing currency
9) Mac / solo :unsure on time but he was down and being pulled to the hangar when I came back from helping Steve refuel about 17:30.
Frank made my day a lot easier by towing flights 1-5. Steve S. towed 6-9. Thanks to both!

L23 and Four Wheeler battery notes
The L23 battery again seemed to get tired by end of the day. In the future let’s put the charged battery in and the used on charge before moving the L23 down the taxiway at the beginning of the flying day (easier to do after the L23 is off the dolly). I takes just a few minutes. My thinking is that we are less in a hurry at the beginning than during the rush to leave at the end.
Speaking of batteries, the 4 wheeler still had to be hand started. Jerry offered to take the battery out and procure a new one this week. Big thanks to Jerry!