Omaha Soaring Club
Membership Meeting September 22, 2021; Blair Municipal Airport

Jay B. provided a review of club’s goals for 2021.

Bob A. is leading a review of our current by-laws. An annual review is required by the by-laws, and we have identified several areas that need attention.

Dave L. is looking for a more consistent meeting space for club meetings.

Jeff F. provided a review of the club’s financial status:
– Revenue from CAP flights has helped our 2021 finances, but concerns remain.
– Maintaining an adequate maintenance fund reserve for the Pawnee needs attention.
– In our normal operations, we are are making a slight profit on our flight revenue paying variable costs, but have a loss on membership dues paying fixed costs. We are in the black only because of CAP.
– Jay and Jeff led a discussion of our needs in this area. We can expect an increase in membership dues in 2022 to better address this need.

Bob D. provided a maintenance review. Several minor repairs have been made on the Pawnee and both gliders. The Pawnee “is aging”, with the life span of its fabric skin being the greatest concern. Options are being explored.

Jay spoke for Steve on club training:

– DPE Tony C. will be here October 8-10. We expect to have 2-3 members ready for Private Pilot-Glider check rides.
– Several members are interested in pursuing Commercial and Flight Instructor ratings, and plan to pursue in 2022.
– Steve recommends that the club adopt a flight training syllabus to provide a more consistent learning experience and a clearer path to student’s goals.

Jay reported that a fall tailgate party at BTA is being planned for October 16.

Meeting adjourned.