Bob Craig and the gang were out on Sunday the 14th for some flying. From the report it sounds like there wasn’t much lift, but enough good flying to keep the smiles going. Read More!

I arrived at the field at 1145 to find Pat Greenwood  and Mike Boska setting up the Canopy on the north end of 31.  Winds were forecast to be out of the south.  After the arrival of Dan Peterson and Paul Jelinick, we extracted the Pawnee, L-23, and two Russias.   We did a dual tow of gliders to the north end.  We would have towed all three at once but could not find a third rope.  Frank warmed up the Pawnee and Dan Peterson and Pat Greenwood took the first flight.  Mike launched next in his Russia.  Though the sounding was similar to Saturdays, the lift was not there at least initially so Pat and Mike were back down without finding lift.  Pat and Dan took the L-23 up again for a second lesson.  After they landed Paul took the L-23 up.  I launched next and was able to circle in some weak lift with Paul but neither he nor I could stay up very long.  We had two visitors come out to observer, a father and his daughter.  Dan elected to take the daughter up for the hanger flight.  We were all buttoned up in the hangers by 3:30 pm.