The Omaha Soaring Club held its quarterly membership meeting on June 17th at the Blair Municipal Airport. 15 members were in attendance.

Tom reported that there are currently no significant safety issues. Mark is compiling a list of members’ safety concerns addressed on the last page of the club’s spring safety quiz.  There was discussion of the value of having more members qualified as wing runners, and that the required training for wing runners is available on the SSA web site. The Omaha Soaring Club’s wing runner test is based on the SSA materials, which is available on our web site.

Dave reported that the minutes of the June meeting were published and no objections raised. Our next quarterly membership meeting will be in September.

Jeff reported that there have been no significant changes in the club’s financial status.  A cash flow analysis shows us currently in the red, but that is typical at this point in the year.

There was discussion of the club’s use of FAST kits. and the cost efficiency of providing one ride versus the current two rides.  The potential for abuse of the FAST kits as an alternative to paid rides was discussed as a key point in this concern, as they are intended to serve different audiences with different expectations and needs.  A motion was made, and approved, to remove mention of FAST kits from our web site, and to offer FAST kits specifically to those expressing interest in learning to fly gliders.

Bob D. reported that our current A&P mechanic is moving on to a new role. A replacement has been identified.

There was discussion of the needed maintenance for the Pawnee. It is currently functional and airworthy, but a long-term solution is needed.

A transponder, with Mode-C capability has been installed on the L-23.

The trim issue on the 2-22 has been remedied.

Bud led a discussion of the club’s needs for its glider fleet. He reported that the Grob 102 he purchased is nearing ready, and he expects to pick it up by the end of June. There was discussion of Bud’s proposal to sell it to the club, or to group of interested club members. A proposal was made for club members to evaluate the Grob when it arrives, and then consideration made of the club’s interest in purchasing the glider for use by all members. A vote would then be taken of the membership on that decision. This was approved.  Bud has identified additional Grob 102s and 103s available, and may also be worth considering for the club, or a group of individual club members.

The PW-5 that was under consideration last year is still not airworthy, and is no longer under consideration.

Meeting adjourned.

David L.
Secretary, Omaha Soaring Club