Volume 21, Issue 2 Feb 2015
Calendar or Events
Club Phone Number
Club Phone – 402-630-9640. To update message, push # during the message and enter the security code. To record a greeting press 4-3-1-3-*. Gate Entrance Code – #6693
Soaring Report
No flying in February.
Minutes of Annual Meeting
Omaha Soaring Club Inc. General Membership Meeting
Security National Bank 101st and Pacific Omaha, NE.68106
Call to Order, President Jim Clark, 11:15 AM
Vice President’s Report – Bert Aagesen, “State of the Club”. Bert reports that the club has never been in better shape than it is now. We have a new L-33 for members, more members, more instructors, and a bright new year is upon us.
Approval of Minutes from the General Meeting 12-13-14
Approval of the Minutes from the BOD meeting 01-24-15
Minutes were approved with no changes
Maintenance Officer Report – Daryl Hickman. Daryl announced that the Pawnee needs to be washed and that the ground equipment needs attention and that club members need to step up to help with this. Whit has purchased oil and oil filters for the four wheeler and will change the oil. In addition, Whit has purchased a small trailer to carry the items that are typically on top of the operations trailer that can then be used to move dirt to fill holes on the runway.
Whit has cleaned out the operations trailer and placed items not used routinely used in the green file cabinet behind the Pawnee.
Daryl then reported that the L-23 gear has been repaired and that the L-33 is ready to go. Two flights, one by Jim Clark and one by Bert Aagesen have already been done in January with the L-33. Daryl also
Newsletter 2
pointed out that canopies should never be open unless someone is holding the canopy to prevent damage from wind closure. He also stated that canopy covers should always be put on gliders when not in active use to reduce heating of the cockpit. Finally, Daryl said that canopies need to be washed with clean water before wiping off residual dirt in order to prevent scratching and damaging canopies.
Daryl will be gone from mid-May through August and asked for volunteers to act as maintenance officer in his absence. Pat Greenwood volunteered to cover Daryl during his absence.
Treasurer’s Report – Bob Craig. Bob reported that there is $3100 in the bank with the first upcoming bill being the $4500 insurance bill in June. In addition, there is $8500 in the engine fund.
Safety Officer Report – Whit Bonifant. Several courses and associated quizzes have been developed for the club by Whit. These include 1: Tow pilot course, 2: Wing runner course, 3: L23 checkout procedure and quiz, 4: L-33 checkout procedure and quiz. In addition, Whit has assembled a set of Bronze badge practice questions. Whit will be sending these materials and a link to an L-33 manual to Mike Boska to place in the member’s only page entitled “training materials”.
Whit is keeping files for each pilot which will include a “check off” list of currency for each requirement. Some discussion ensued regarding making these forms available on the web site, but no resolution was reached.
Additional discussion included annual retest for each club glider that each member would be flying.
Secretary’s Report – Mike Boska. Primary report was the prior meeting minutes. However, it was pointed out (and reinforced by Jim Clark) to contact the secretary if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Issues can be any issue at any time which will be either included in the next general meeting as a new item or, as needed, transmitted to the appropriate individuals (board or safety committee) to be dealt with appropriately.
It was moved and seconded that all reports be approved by the membership. All were approved by unanimous vote.
Old Business:
Jantar Status – Jim Clark and Bert Aagesen.
It was reported that the Jantar is totaled and that Bert will be reimbursed for some portion of the cost of the glider. Bert reported that, with the sale of the trailer combined with the reimbursement, that he can (and will) purchase a new glider. Much discussion from both Jim Clark and Mac McKain regarding the accident, including the good, the bad, and the ugly ensued. At the end, this issue is now closed.
New Business:
Voice Mail/Club Phone – Mike Boska. It was reported that the use of a phone number via Google Voice, as suggested in the BOD meeting by Daryl, would save the cost of the club phone in the budget. After discussion of the issue, a motion was made to approve the change and seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The Google Voice phone number and account will be set up this weekend by Mike Boska and the club phone will be deactivated this weekend by Bob Craig. As a postscript, the new phone number is 402-804-3810.
Glider Tow Bar and Wing Wheel – Jim Clark. Jin has made a tow bar for the L-33 (which may also work for other gliders) at less than half of the commercial cost. He will construct a wing wheel for the L-33 next.
Newsletter 3
Increasing engine funding – Bob Craig and Daryl Hickman. It was reported that the current rate of $13/hr contribution would not cover engine replacement by the time the engine needs a major overhaul. The rate of $20/hr flown should increase the contributions to the point of covering the overhaul if the engine makes the expected lifespan. A motion was made and seconded that this be approved. Discussion ensued relating to budgetary issues. The vote after discussion was unanimous to approve this change.
FLARM/Transponders – Bob Craig. FLARM (for gliders) and transponders (for Pawnee and gliders) were discussed. It was concluded that, in this fiscal year, all that could be upgraded was the transponder on the Pawnee to include mode C (altitude reporting) capabilities. A motion was made and seconded for the board to pursue the options for the Pawnee. Upon discussion, the motion was amended and seconded to allow the board to pursue options up to a maximum cost of $3000 and act on the board’s decision. It was voted unanimously to approve this.
Expanded Field Use – Whit Bonifant. Whit expanded on the information sent out by Bob Craig in the newsletters regarding using the field as a two-runway field. The long runway will be used as the take-off runway as well as Pawnee landing while the short runway will be used for landing gliders unless there is no activity on the field. Whit has procured a roller to lay down a chalk line to divide the runways and lay out a 200’ touch down area for glider landings. As the farmer has not renewed his lease around the runway, we can place the operations trailer, gliders, Pawnee, and awning completely off the runway for 13 operations.
Whit also updated us on the possibility of having the field rolled. If we can do this, it would be $1200 which would be split with North Omaha as this minimum charge includes transportation and 8 hours work which is enough time to do both airports. We await word from the airport authority to decide whether they will allow this to be done.
Finally, a question was raised regarding the status of the parachute for the L-33. The parachute is too old for service and has been retired. The parachute is only required for aerobatic operation of the glider and, as such, if a member gets trained and is qualified for such operation, they can arrange to either purchase their own parachute or borrow one of the multiple parachutes owned by individual club members.
It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 12:45 PM. After approval, Jim Clark adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Mike Boska