The Omaha Soaring Club held its annual membership meeting on December 16th at the Millard branch of the Omaha Public Library. 21 members were in attendance.

The club by-laws require election of the next year’s Board of Directors in the December meeting. Dave reported that no new volunteers or nominations for Board positions were received and that the 2023 Board is willing to continue as the 2024 Board. A motion was made for the 2023 Board to be the 2024 Board and a vote was taken, with unanimous support. The Omaha Soaring Club 2024 Board of Directors will be:

President: Bud S
VP: Bob A
Treasurer: Jeff F
Secretary: David L
Flight Officer: Tom S
Maintenance Officer: Bob D

Jeff led a review of 2023 and our financial status. We again had a record number of flights, resulting in favorable income from flight operations. However, as has generally been the case, our non-flying revenue (primarily membership dues) does not cover our fixed expenses and we are relying on slightly profitable flight operations to make up that difference. Our insurance costs are rising, and the work currently underway on the Pawnee (see below) will be a significant expense. There was discussion of the costs generally associated with flying, and that at our current rates we are a bargain. There was general acceptance that we may need to consider raising membership fees and flying fees to maintain our viability.

Jaime A awarded Will M his SSA A Badge.

The merits of purchasing the Grob 102 that Bud has made available to us were discussed. There was discussion of the value of adding another glider, and all who have flown it gave positive reviews. Bud confirmed a sale price of $12,000 for the club to purchase the Grob. A motion was made to purchase the glider at that price and a was vote taken, with unanimous support for purchasing the glider.

Bud led a discussion of the club’s involvement in the STEM events and other opportunities to promote the club and promote soaring. There is general support for continuing our involvement in these events and pursuing others, consistent with focusing on providing flying opportunities for our members.

Bud led a discussion of opportunities to use a simulator in our flight training. There is potential funding available from the SSA to help with the costs, and Steve gave very favorable reports of the impact of simulator use in CAP cadet flight training. There is interest in pursuing this, and agreement made that the Board should study it further and develop a proposal.

Steve is re-writing several of our operations quizzes and is planning ground schools this winter for Parts 61 & 91 review, and planning of cross-country soaring. Many expressed interest in attending the ground schools.

Dave reported that a more learner-paced, mentored approach to our written exam prep ground school is in place and going well.

Bob reported that the Pawnee is currently in Bill’s shop for completion of work required by airworthiness directives (ADs) and to resurface the fuselage. Completion of this work by approximately the end of January is planned. Resurfacing the wings over the next two years is also planned. This work is expected to significantly add to the Pawnee’s life, with its cost spread over multiple years.

Meeting adjourned.

David L
Secretary, Omaha Soaring Club