Hi All of OSCI,

Saturday was a nice day to be at the field with nice temperature and just enough wind to pay attention and require a 13 operation. In another way it seemed to me to be very weird. There were no one needing dual instruction or even an intro ride! And we had 3 CFI’s (Bert, Whitt, me) and 4 tow pilots ( the CFI’s plus Steve S.)! Of course with time on our hands there was little lift. We did six flights, five in the L23 and one in a Russia (Mike). Whitt towed the first five and Bert towed the hangar flight which landed at 15:11. We were out the gate by 15:30 or so. Weird.
1) Steve S/solo :18
2) Daryl/Bert :28
3) Bert/Tammie :17
4) MIke in Russia :30
5) Mac/Daryl :35
6} Me/Daryl :21 on the hangar flight
Thanks to all for the shared ground crew work.