Hi All of OSCI,

Labor Day was a lot like Saturday without the morning low clouds.  The similarities were some puffy clouds, light NW winds, rain the previous night, and no significant lift.  That wasn’t all bad because we  had a good turn out and short flights kept the sequence moving along.  All flights except #6 were in the L23.

1)  @ 12:47 Bob D. took daughter’s friend Ryan up.

2)  Whitt took his brother up.

3)  Bob D. took daughter Katy up.

4)  Paul flew a solo in his quest for meeting the commercial add-on requirements.

5)  Don / Whitt flew a training flight.

6)  Mike flew his Russia accomplishing the days longest flight of :27.  The rest were :16 – :20 except for the :01 and therein lies a nice story, see #11

7)  Visitor Tyson O’Rourke / Jaime flew FAST 1.  Tyson is an engineering student at UNO but more conveniently another grandson of Sally (she put it on her tab).

8)  Steve D. / Jaime flew a training flight

9)  Jaime took visitor Brook Nielsen up as a passenger.  Brook is a Blair Hi junior inquiring about getting a Private A while in high school.  Many offered comments in this discussion.

10) Jerome / Jaime did a practice rope break completing Jerome’s 4 flight refresher flying (3 on previous days).  Jerome also turned in his safety quiz thus completing his safety requirements and earned a new 90 day solo endorsement.  :01

11) Jerome / solo had the hangar flight, landing back on 13 and rolling conservatively close enough @ 17:09 to not worry mom Anne –  much.

Tows were done by Whitt (#’s 1,3,4), Jaime (#2), Paul (#5-11).  The eleven tows put 1.87 tach hours on the Pawnee and used 31.4 gallons.  Special thanks to Paul.  Also thanks to everyone for the ground help